Aqua-Line polyethylene porous diffusers

Proven quality and efficiency

  • Aqua-Line diffusers operate in 15 countries around the world
  • Serve more than 130 million people
  • 40.6 million m3 of wastewater is treated at 634 plants
  • Saves 101.5 million kW of electric power each year
  • Diffusers manufacturer received many awardes and hold
    international quality certificate ISO-9001

Benefits for Installer

  • Aqua-Line's design makes the assembly much easier and faster - it takes 3-4 times less time to install Aqua-Lines compared to other types of diffusers

  • Aqua-Line's combines features of both air pipe and diffuser- as a result air piping system is not required

  • due to high mass exchange characteristics and low hydraulic resistance the amount of Aqua-Line diffusers is 30-50% less than the other types of diffusers

Benefits to the operator

  • Low operation and maintenance cost

    - air consumption can be reduced by 30-50% compared to other aeration systems

    - energy cost for air compression can be cut by up to 30%

    - innovative non-interruptive cleaning method can be used to restore diffuser efficiency (no need access to the tank)
  • Versatility

    - works effectively at different depths and a wide range of air flows

    - can be installed in fixed grid or retractable systems

  • Reliability

    - due to diffusers design and materials (HDPE) the Aqua-Line diffusers are highly resistant to chemicals, moisture and heat from process water, on and off cycles and hydraulic hammer effects
  • Long service life

    - 5 years manufacturing warranty under recommended conditions and with regular restoration cleaning

    - maximum current recorded service cycle for Aqua-Line diffusers is 8 years

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Aqua-Line BenefitsAqua-Line benefits

Aqua-Line BenefitsAqua-Line Manual

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