DYMET - DYnamic METallisation equipment

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Dymet is innovative portable equipment for metal spraying.
It allows the deposition of soft metals -
aluminium, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, led, babbit and titanium to any metal, ceramic or glass surface at low temperature - 120-150C.


Dynamic metallisation technology (also known as a metal spraying) is based on the idea of kinetic bombing of substrate with metal powder particles. Due to supersonic velocity the particles bond with the treated surface on subatomic level, which guarantee high adhesion of interface and high cohesion of a homogenous coating.

Unlike thermal spray processes dynamic metallisation technology operates at almost room temperature. Cold-sprayed materials experience little or no oxidation during the process and the coatings show high densities and conductivities. This makes the technology unique.

Technology implies surface interaction of metal particles moving at extremely high velocities with the substrate. This equipment has no comparisons in traditional coating methods.

The attractiveness of dynamic metallisation method is that the equipment devices and deposited coatings have no limitations inherent in other metal coating methods and feature a number of technological, economic and environmental advantages.

Key advantages

  • easy operating
  • portable - can be operated in field conditions
  • environmentally friendly (no gas, electric arc, ions, flame or plasma used)
  • totally integrable with pneumatic and electrical control systems
  • variety of applications from decorative and protective coatings to aerospace and hi-tech
  • independent from surface and atmosphere conditions


Our small-size equipment has different technical applications mainly in assembling, repair or restoration works. The equipment can be built in automatic production lines, work posts, sections or robotic systems.

Basic parameters of model 413

- spraying unit
- control unit

- 450x70x200 mm
- 550x260x480 mm

- spraying gun
- whole device

- 1.3 kg
- 18 kg

Compressed air pressure

0.6-1.0 MPa (6-10 atm)

Compressed air consumption

0.3 m/min

Power supply

220 V, 3.3 kW

Production capacity (weight of deposited aluminum coating):

1-6 g/min
(0.3-2.0 cm/min)

Special features of model 413

  • equipment parameters stabilised against significant power fluctuations (180-250 V)
  • 5 fixed temperature operation modes allow optimisation of coatings deposition
  • control unit provides, in particular, the remote control over spraying process
  • electromechanical transfer switch of powder feeders
  • the possibility to integrate the equipment with other machinery or to build the device in the automatic production line operated by pneumatic or electrical control systems

Basic features of coatings

  • high adhesion (30-100 MPa)
  • high cohesion (30-100 MPa)
  • uniform coating structure
  • low porosity (1-3%)
  • coating roughness is Rz = 20-40 providing high adhesion of paint materials to it
  • coating could have any thickness depending on chosen operation mode of the deposition
  • coatings could be mechanically treated by any known method
  • special thermal treatment can add new features to a coating
  • coatings could be deposited onto any metal, ceramic or glass surfaces

Coating types

Currently several types of coatings have been developed based on
, copper, zinc and nickel:

- anticorrosive coatings


- coatings with low gas penetrability (hermetic coatings)

-multi-component metal and ceramic coating mixes for restoration of form and size of treated products

- electrical conductive coatings

decorative coatings



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Dymet 423

Industrial applications:



Oil and Gas


Mould repair

Spay-on Solutions


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